There's a story behind your business - and I know just how to tell it.

I’m Mariana Santiago. I write copy, create content, and implement marketing automation technology for businesses like yours. 

If you can create a product or service that makes the world a better place, I can help you figure out how to turn your browsers into buyers.

I'm a copywriter with copyrights.

copywriter mariana santiago

Copywriting isn’t the act of applying for copyrights, but I’ve done that, too. 

As your copywriter, I’ll help you find the brand voice that works best for your business. You’ll have your own complex-to-coherent translator in me – if you’ve created a difficult-to-explain technology, product, or service, I’ll turn it into easy-to-understand value.

There’s a story behind your business, right? Hire a storyteller to make some marketing magic out of that.

Here's how I can help you.

Website Copy

Your website could be the most exciting thing your industry's ever put on the internet.

Email Copy

Go from inbox zero to inbox hero by sending your customers emails they actually like reading.


Prove your business the industry authority AND the obvious solution with a well-researched position paper.

Long-form Content

Blog your way to the top of the search engine rankings with the help of a skilled writer.

Marketing Automation

Stop sending emails one-by-one and start communicating with your customers at JUST the right time with JUST the right message without lifting a finger.

Brand Voice Guides

You'll never again have to wonder how to phrase an email or struggle to choose the words for a press release. Ask for a handy document to guide all of your business communications.


Interested in seeing work I’ve already completed for businesses that might not be so different from yours? This is the page for you.


"You like me! You really like me!"

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Let's make some magic happen.

Get in touch with me today. If there’s a story behind the value offered by your business, I’m here to help you tell it.