About Mariana Santiago

If you’re trying to learn more about who I am and what makes me worth working with, you’re on the right page.

I'm a San Francisco-based copywriter and email marketer.

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Hi! I’m Mariana. I live in San Francisco with my partner and gigantic orange cat. I’m a skilled writer, which comes in handy when one works as a copywriter and email marketer. Besides being a copywriter, I’ve registered two copyrights — both for plays later produced in theater festivals. Storytelling has always been much of what motivates me (which also comes in handy when one wants to help a business communicate its value.)

I work with clients who meet the following criteria:

They’re doing something useful.

Useful could mean almost anything. You might be working on a service robotics product that’s going to keep people safer. Your business might sell bedding products that make people dream more sweetly. Perhaps your business is the legal space — maybe you’re a lawyer, or you work as a consultant to people who need your help. 

Whatever it is, I’m happy to work with you as long as you’re doing something that makes the world a better place or helps even just a few people smile a little more often. 

Their business has a genuine chance of success.

Absolutely no worries if you don’t know how to market your product — that’s what I’m here for, right? I’m happy to help businesses find their way out of the desert of bad messaging all the way to the oasis of success. I’m beyond delighted to work with businesses at any stage, from launch to venture funded to having a decades-long track record of success. I won’t take your money, though, if I don’t think there’s enough of a chance your product or service will inspire enough people to become loyal customers.

Here's why you want to work with me.

I ask the right questions.

Before starting a project, I typically send my clients a questionnaire of anywhere from six to sixty questions, depending upon the circumstances. Understanding the Great Why driving your business is pivotal to my ability to write the copy or content you've wanted your business to have.

I can help you find the perfect brand voice for your business.

The best brand voice for your business isn’t necessarily the one that sounds just like you when you’re speaking to your friends or when you’re yelling at your children.

The perfect brand voice is the voice arising from a special combination tone and vocabulary that persuades the customers you most want to work with that yours is the business they’ve been searching for all along.

However, that voice still needs to be authentic. It still needs to echo the values dearest to you and your business. Think of it as a difficult-to-find intersection where authenticity meets sales and persuasion. I’m here to guide you to that intersection.

I'm a salesperson at heart.

An anecdote might help here. My first formal sales role was for a construction company. Within a month of being hired as a door-to-door salesperson, I was the top-selling employee on the entire team. I outsold men with decades of experience on me -- men far more experienced and prepared than me, the only woman on the door-to-door team. I happened to be all of seventeen at the time.

David Ogilvy attributed much of his skill as a copywriter to his days as a door-to-door sales rep. He may have had a point. I've had many sales jobs since then (and have always been a top performer). If you're going to write copy, you're going to need to know how to sell. I'm lucky to have that ability.

I'm a researcher.

I like thorough, in-depth, no stone left unturned research. That’s great for you – it means you’ll be able to substantiate every claim I make when writing the copy on your website, the content for your whitepaper, or the body of your marketing emails. It’s also great for me – it means I won’t go to prison for fraud.

Some of the industries I’m most fond of are deeply technical (robotics, AI), incredibly complex (legal), or highly regulated (FinTech.) If you’re coming from one of those industries, you’re going to want to hire someone who knows how to conduct research, how to cite and store their sources, and who knows the difference between APA, MLA, and Blue Book citations. I'd be happy to be that person for you.

"You like me! You really like me!"

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