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“How can my business send emails that our customers actually look forward to reading?”

It’s all about strategy – more specifically, thoughtful email marketing strategy that makes the most of your ESP or CRM’s automation abilities and leverages email copy that delights your customers.

If you’re looking for specific packages, you can find out more by clicking here. This particular page provides an overview of the services I offer, generally speaking.

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Let's talk about "email marketing strategy."

Email is your best opportunity to get your message in front of interested prospects and customers. Thoughtfully-written emails (sent at the right time to the right people) do far more than simply drive sales by increasing website conversions. Thoughtfully-written emails help your customers connect with your business on a deeper level and create customer loyalty. 

That’s where email strategy comes into play. Sure, thoughtfully-written and thoughtfully-sent emails will help your business…but a poorly-written email won’t persuade anyone to make a purchase.

Email automations/workflows created without thought won’t help you reach your goals. Purchased email lists (as opposed to carefully built with a consent-based mindset) are just going to leave you with a long list of names – not a long list of interested prospects.

You need a strategy for your email marketing program…and spray & pray is not going to cut it.

Does your business need to hire an email strategist / marketing automation consultant or an email copywriter?

  • Is your business’s email marketing program underperforming when compared to industry-specific standards?
  • Are you considering moving to a new ESP or CRM that’s better suited to your business, but haven’t the foggiest as to how to begin the migration?
  • Is your email copy dull, poorly written, not reflective of your brand voice, or simply not converting?
  • Are you fully aware you’re leaving money on the table without implementing email workflows and marketing automation, but don’t know how to set them up or how to optimize them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions: consider hiring an email geek to improve your business’s email marketing program.

A+ email copy paired with smart, thoughtful workflows.

If you’re looking for someone to consult on your business’s email marketing strategy and/or to write email copy that delights your customers (reminding them exactly why your business is their favorite), I can help.

Here’s what I do for businesses like yours:

  • I consult on and implement email strategy. Trying to figure out exactly which email workflows you need to implement? Having a hard time using your brand voice in your email copy? Finding it tricky to send the right message to the right segment at the right time? I’m here for you!

  • I manage CRM and/or ESP implementations. Diving into the wonderful world of marketing automation and customer relationship management processes for the first time? I’ll make sure whichever software you choose works the way you want it to from day one.

  • I also manage ESP/CRM migrations. Sick of an ESP that can barely handle your newsletter sends let alone parse complex automations? Let’s move your business to greener pastures.

  • I design and implement email workflows/email automations. If you’re looking for someone who understands triggers, filters, delays, and exit points, I’m your woman.

  • I offer CRM support. CRM fields not mapping to your ESP as you’d hoped? Confused about how to create custom fields, tasks, automations, or how to use CRM software to your business’s greatest advantage? It’s time to employ a CRM consultant to guide you and your employees to calmer waters within the ocean of CRMs.

  • I write email copy. Emails I’ve written have sold out courses and improved website conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! I’ve worked with Klaviyo, Intercom, Mailchimp, Lawmatics, MailerLite, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Zaius, Hubspot, and several other CRMs and ESPs – and I’ve led ESP / CRM  migrations. I’m happy to recommend an ESP and/or CRM based upon your business’s unique needs.

I’m happy to help your business start sending beautifully designed and carefully developed HTML templates by working with a subcontractor (I’ll find them so you don’t have to!) or partnering with someone in my network.

That depends upon many different factors. What does your business sell and who does your business sell it to? How long is your sales cycle? An email strategy that would work perfectly for a B2B SaaS organization might not work for a B2C ecommerce company. 

Before I can confidently recommend an email strategy for your business, we’ll need to talk about your long-term goals, short-term challenges, and what sets your business apart. If you’re excited about having this conversation, give me a shout.

That’s a negative, Ghost Rider.

Seriously, there are dozens if not hundreds of better ways to grow an email list. Please do not buy a list, send them “e-blasts”, and then proceed to ask me why your email marking program’s deliverability is terrible. If you’re sending to a bought list, your deliverability is likely terrible because you’re emailing people who never agreed to receive your communications and are now appropriately reporting your emails as spam. Mystery solved!

You want someone who understands exactly how email automation works, which email workflows are absolutely necessary for your business, and how to test & optimize for improved results writing your email copy.

Why? Form follows function – and email copy should be written according to the purpose of the newsletter or workflow. If your email copywriter doesn’t really get what your email strategy is trying to accomplish, the email copy’s not going to perform as well as it would have otherwise. Hire email copywriters who understand where exactly their emails sit within the larger email marketing program.


My project rates vary based on the project’s scope and requirements, but typically start around $5,000. 

Here's how we can work together.

Start by filling out a pleasantly short contact form, which you can access by clicking the button below. After that, I’ll contact you within 24 hours to schedule a time for a 45-minute call, where we’ll discuss your business’s needs, long-term goals, and challenges. If it looks like we’re a fit, we’ll discuss project scope and pricing during that initial call.

Ready to build something profitable?

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